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Wide and Slim Flat Panel Detector for Digital Radiography

Product Details

Stable and Reliable AED (Automatic Exposure Detection)

Vieworks’ proprietary AED function with reliable performance

Convenient Usability

Easy upgrade: same size as a film or CR cassette (ISO 4090)

Slim lightweight design

Fast Speed

image acquisition time: 2 sec

Boot time: 15 sec


General Radiography

Product Specifications

Model Name FXRD-1717VA / FXRD-1717VB
Scintillator CsI / Gadox
Pixel Pitch 140 ㎛
Pixel Matrix 3072 x 3072 pixels
Grayscale 16 bits
Image Acquisition Time 2 sec
Dimensions 46.0 ㎝ x 46.0 ㎝ x 1.5 ㎝
Weight 4.5 kg
Technology a-Si TFT
Spatial Resolution 3.5 lp/㎜
Image Size 17" x 17" (43.0 ㎝ x 43.0 ㎝)
Recommended Cycle Time 15 s
Data Interface Gigabit Etdernet
X-ray Generator Interface DR Trigger Mode / AED Mode
X-ray Voltage Range 40 - 150 kVp
Operating Environment 10℃ to 35℃
30 % to 85 % RH(non-condensing)
Power Consumption DC 24 V, 0.6 A

* Specifications are subject to change witdout prior notice.

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CuattroDR offers the simple, beautiful, modern experience that healthcare providers and patients deserve, in an easy to use, easy to deploy form factor. Each CuattroDR configuration is designed to be simple, flexible, and elegant, while providing the best value in total cost of ownership over many years. Whether the need is to upgrade a busy orthopedic suite, or an urgent care imaging suite, a CuattroDR configuration is available, quickly and reliably. CuattroDR is better and affordable... without compromise or worrisome down-time.


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