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CuattroDR Software

CuattroDR™ Software Image Capture Workstations

Accessible, space-saving touchscreen workflow right where you need it.


When Cuattro set out to design our image capture software, we began by asking questions. You answered. What we heard was surprisingly simple. “Work where we want, the way we want, please.” Our designers listened. Introducing CuattroDR™ In-Suite and Portable Multi-touch workstations.


Slate 7MD Portable Touchscreen Tablet Workstation

  • Retrofit-able to existing portable and mobile X-ray units
  • On-board charging available on GE, AMX, Shimadzu and Sedecal mobiles
  • Ability to send to local or remote PACS via wireless connectivity (self contained router)
  • Custom protective case
  • Share-able & portable with DR detector for backup in-suite or surgery use
  • Mounts to any device using standard VESA mount connections

In-Suite Touchscreen Workstation

  • All-in-One Space-Saving Design
  • Countertop or Wall Mounted Usage
  • 23.5” LCD Multi-Touch High Resolution Monitor
  • Includes optional wireless keyboard and mouse designed for medical use

Software Features

Worklist Screen
Worklist Screen
Acquire/Review Screen
Acquire/Review Screen
  • Simple, clean, and intuitive two screen workflow: (Work list and Acquire/Review screen)
  • Multi-touch or keyboard interface with touch gesture and animated sliding transparencies.
  • Image preview in 2 seconds from exposure.
  • Integration with Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMS) with full MWL, MPPS integrations with RIS/HIS providers.
  • Multiple automated exports that can be user configured with a single touch of a button
  • Complete integration of dose area product meters (DAP) with all readings recorded for export as well as embedded in DICOM image tags
Stitching Software Thumbnail View
Stitching Software Thumbnail View


  • Generator Interface Control (Generator Specific)
  • Auto-Positioning (Manufacturer Specific)
  • Auto-Stitching for Long Leg and Scoliosis procedures.
Completed Spinal Stitching Study
Completed Spinal Stitching Study
  • Rejection analysis with user customization of reports
  • Embedded Operating System for network safe environments
  • Embedded Help Functions for immediate support services
  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • Workstations include 24/7/365 Support and 99% Up-time Guarantee


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