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OTC DR Solution

Our Digital Overhead Tube Crane (OTC), elevating table and wallstand combinations provide the best possible imaging and workflow flexibility and efficiency for busy orthopedic facilities and imaging centers.


Product Details

  • kVp Range: 150
  • mA Range: 630 (up to 800 mA with 65kW: up to 1000 mA with 80kW Generators)
  • Dual Speed Starter: Standard
  • Automatic Exposure Control: Optional
  • Automatic Programing: Optional
  • Power Output: 50kW: Optional 65kW and 80kW Available
  • Longitudinal Travel: 192"‚ (4,866 mm) Longitudinal detents configurable during installation
  • Transverse Travel: 95" (2,401mm) 3 meter rails: Transverse detents configurable during installation
  • Vertical Travel: 63" (1,600 mm)
  • Focus - Minimum source to ceiling: 28" (715 mm)
  • Maximum Longitudinal: 180" (4,572 mm) with optional rail extensions
  • Maximum Transverse: 120" (3,048 mm) with optional 4 meter rails
  • Tube rotation range, horizontal axis: -180 degrees, +180 degrees Detent Positions: Every 45 degrees
  • Tube rotation Range, vertical axis: -135 degrees, +135 degrees Detent Positions: Every 45 degrees
  • X-ray Tube: 300 kHU Standard Optional 400 kHU and 600 kHU
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Table Top: Four-way float w/ electromagnetic brakes
  • Fiber Resin Composite
  • Table Top Dimensions: (L x W) 84" x 30" (203 x 76 cm)
  • Variable Height from 23" (58 cm) to 34" (86 cm)
  • Table Top Movement:
    • Longitudinal: +/- 30” (76 cm)
    • Transverse: +/- 10” (25 cm)
    • Patient Loading Capacity: 650 lbs (295kg)
  • Recessed foot treadles
  • Options:
    • 76" length and 35.5" width table-top
    • Table-side hand switch
    • Hand grips
  • Vertical Travel 70" (177 cm)
  • Total Height: 86" (218 cm)
  • Total Width: 26" (66 cm)
  • Total Depth: 11" (28 cm)
  • Reciprocating Bucky (Optional)
  • Side mounted patient hand grips. standard
  • 5 year parts coverage (proration on X-ray tube) included
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CuattroDR offers the simple, beautiful, modern experience that healthcare providers and patients deserve, in an easy to use, easy to deploy form factor. CuattroDR provides for nearly limitless flexibility to position patients for standing, sitting, horizontal, weight-bearing, and off-axis-angle projections. Each CuattroDR configuration is designed to be simple, flexible, and elegant, while providing the best value in total cost of ownership over many years. Whether the need is to upgrade a busy orthopedic imaging suite, a space limited urgent care center, or a primary imaging department, a CuattroDR configuration is available, quickly and reliably. CuattroDR is better and affordable... without compromise or worrisome down-time. We guarantee it.


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