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Cuattro one

17" x 51" Long Format Detector
A Smarter direction in Digital Radiography.

one exposure. one image. one minute.

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Cuattro is a world leader in Digital Radiography system design, installation and support.

What People Are Saying

"As a spine surgeon, full length spinal x-rays are critical to my ability to diagnose and successfully treat both local and global spinal deformities. Prior to the addition of Cuattro ONE to my practice, long format x-ray studies had to be electronically “stitched” together, and were not only often misaligned, but also frustratingly slow to complete for patients, staff and physicians. The Cuattro ONE allows me to obtain high resolution, spatially accurate full-length spine studies in a few minutes instead of the 20 to 25 minutes that old technologies required. I have been a Cuattro user since 2012 and their service and support have been excellent. I highly recommend Cuattro and can no longer imagine my practice without the new Cuattro ONE!"


Kornelis Poelstra, MD, PhD

The Robotic Spine Institute of Silicon Valley Los Gatos - Silicon Valley, CA


Kornelis Poelstra is board certified in orthopedic spine surgery and specializes primarily in long-construct minimally invasive spine surgeries, adult spinal deformity, OncoLogic™ conditions, spinal fracture treatment, complex revision surgery and disc replacements. He is one of the world leaders in Robotic Spine Surgery and has assisted in the engineering development of currently available robotic platforms.  Dr. Poelstra has performed more than 750 complex robotic cases to date, more than any other surgeon in the world and is also the founder of The Robotic Spine Institute of Silicon Valley. Based on his extensive robotic spine surgery experience, Dr. Poelstra has provided instruction to surgeons all over the world with a strong focus on Asia and Europe. He has written dozens of peer reviewed publications, textbooks and chapters, and given more than 250 lectures thus far.

As a board-certified joint replacement surgeon, long format x-ray imaging is central to both my pre-surgical planning and post-operative assessment of joint replacement procedures. Before adding Cuattro ONE to our practice, all of our full leg length studies were performed by acquiring multiple x-rays and then stitching them together. This process took far too long and was often less than ideal in terms of the accuracy of final limb length and alignment. Cuattro ONE has allowed us to quickly and accurately complete these critical studies. As an additional benefit, Cuattro ONE has freed up more X-ray suite time allowing us to complete additional X-ray procedures as necessary in the same X-ray suite. We love our Cuattro ONE!

Jarod Faran

Jared R. H. Foran MD

Panorama Orthopedics - Golden, Colorado


Jared Foran is a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in surgical and non-surgical treatments of arthritic disorders of the hip and knee. He graduated from UC Berkeley with high honors.   Dr. Foran then obtained his medical degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland. After medical school Dr. Foran completed a six year residency in orthopedic surgery at the University of California San Diego. Following residency, he completed a one year fellowship in total joint arthroplasty at Rush University in Chicago where he trained with world-renowned experts in minimally invasive surgical techniques and complex reconstructions. He is currently the Director of Joint Replacements at OrthoColorado and St. Anthony Hospitals in Lakewood, Colorado.

We have been operational since November 2018 as Urgent Care Cure in Ponte Vedra Beach FL. From the start of our project Cuattro has been actively involved with our staff and has provided professional assistance and support with our Digital X-Ray room implementation. Their services included site specific room drawings and a lead shielding plan. Applications training was provided on site by a Cuattro employed Applications Specialist and the availability of 24x7 technical support provides us comfort as we work 12 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Opening up a new practice requires paying attention to numerous details. Cuattro’s assistance with X-ray room details definitely helped us out and got us off to a great start!

Thank you Rob Gavron and Cuattro.

Alexei Prytkov

Alexei Prytkov, MD, PhD, FAAFP

Urgent Care Cure - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


Dr. Prytkov was born and raised in Moscow, Russia and received his medical degree at the Russian State Medical University in 1995, at just 22 years old. Shortly after, determined to further his education, Dr. Prytkov received his PhD in Cardiovascular Surgery.

In 2003, Dr. Prytkov and his family moved to the United States where he completed a 3 year Family Medicine residency program at the University of Oklahoma. After 13 years of providing care in Family Medicine Clinics and Emergency Departments in Oklahoma, Dr. Prytkov and his family moved to Ponte Vedra, in pursuit of his dream of living in Florida.

With his exceptional diplomatic skills, earned respect from hospital staff and administration, and a gift of empathy, Dr. Prytkov has served as the Emergency Department Medical Director at hospitals across both Oklahoma and Florida. After 23 years of working as a physician, Dr. Prytkov has gained an extensive clinical experience and has connected with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Dr. Prytkov is married to his high school sweetheart and has been gifted with three wonderful daughters: Iya, Valerie, and Alice. As the founder, Medical Director, and staff physician of Urgent Care Cure, Dr. Prytkov is thrilled to provide excellent medical care to the community of Ponte Vedra.

From sales questions, to demo, installation, applications, and now day-to-day support, Cuattro has provided excellent customer service.  Since the purchase of our first system in 2016, we have purchased another system, and have budgeted to replace future rooms with Cuattro.  Our team is constantly amazed at the real-time customer support, and often have issues quickly resolved during an exam.  The system is extremely user friendly and customizable to your site’s specific needs- including exam protocols and algorithms.  I’m excited to partner with a company that welcomes input from their customers and actually implements it to better their product.  I look forward to partnering with Cuattro for my clinic’s future imaging needs!

Ortho Center Logo

Jordon Phelps - headshot

Jordan Phelps, Imaging Supervisor

Ortho Central

Our company, Spine Team Texas, decided to upgrade our two existing CR units to DR approximately four years ago. Since then we have purchased an additional three Cuattro Medical DR systems to cover our expanding practice locations.

The sales and support staff at Cuattro are outstanding and readily available for any questions. They fielded any and all questions I had so that my product comparisons were as apple to apple as possible. And oftentimes, offered me information and insight that I had not thought to ask. We felt very confident that we were making the proper financially sound decision when selecting this product.

The user-friendly capabilities of the imaging system are simple to learn and navigation of its features and options is straight forward and easy to use. We process approximately 20 to 30 images per day at each of our locations, and our clinic efficiency is strong and not hindered in any way by the upload speed of the images.

The Cuattro product, taking into account quality, reliability, ease of use, customer service, cost and financing options, makes our decision to move forward with the Cuattro DR system an easy one to make. I highly recommend this system without reservation.


Kami Freese, Director of Administration

Spine Team Texas

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