CoPilot - RemoteAccess:

Because today's digital radiography systems are software centric, the old service model of "a man with a screwdriver and a van" won't work any longer. For this reason, all Cuattro products incorporate CoPilot, the latest in cloud based two-way communications, diagnostics, and repair tools for medical imaging devices. With one touch and your acceptance, a SupportCloud CoPilot engineer takes over your system, to upgrade, troubleshoot, configure, optimize, and if needed, repair your digital radiography or PACS in an instant. And because not all radiology suits have telephone access, CoPilot makes possible two-way communication between you and your SupportCloud technician, directly from your digital radiography system's touchscreen.

With CoPilot, your organization gets the fastest, lowest impact, and targeted support, live on-screen training, upgrades, and repairs, with the touch of a screen.

Loaner Program and Advanced Replacements

In the very rare case that training, upgrade, or repair cannot be finalized with CoPilot, Cuattro reaches its 99% uptime standard by providing no-hassle advanced replacement systems or components. SupportCloud customers are eligible to receive no-fee loaners and advanced replacements for covered events, to be shipped within one day of authorization.