CloudBank™ Image Storage and Retrieval

SupportCloud includes CloudBank, for instant, automatic long-term storage and recall of your images (generally for seven years) in our HIPAA compliant, secure, high-speed data center. Because CloudBank seamlessly displays web based PACS, you can view your images (DR, CR, US, CT, MR, and more) from any web enabled device, anywhere in the world, without cost, delay, or the expense of professionally managed local IT infrastructure. CloudBank replaces legacy local PACS infrastructure by migrating old DICOM studies out of local servers and computers to forever relieve you of costs associated with hardware and software upgrade cycle management and the danger of obsolescence. But forever is a long time, so you can rest easy knowing that CloudBank will not lock you in and never uses anything but DICOM standards to store and protect valuable medical data. If, for any reason, it becomes necessary for you leave CloudBank, all DICOM data will be returned, on hard media, for a onetime $500 fee.